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Ура!!! Выпало именно то, что я и хотел всю свою жизнь

Денис Королевский 5 hours ago

Ни плохо окупился тут на 600 руб но я буду ище открывать очень хачю айфон

Павел Павенский 4 hours ago

Бля я в шоке. Открыл 3 коробки по 149 руб а получил товаров на 3к руб) Pаказал себе доставку наушников jbl. Админы в чем выгода вам?????

Марат Торчинов 4 hours ago

Я выбил пс 4 месяц назад

Даниил Дуппак 3 hours ago

кручу уже больше 1 месяца, в инентаре 2 телефона храню, пока доставку не заказывал

Сергей Азимов 2 hours ago

Как вам?)) Посылока шла 8 дней всего. Я из питера

Егор Васильев 2 hours ago

ООО хороший сайт

Tolik Lambin 2 hours ago

Пришло все за 10 дней

Арсений Яковлев an hour ago

очень круто все и доставка быстрая

Ярослав Шереметьев an hour ago

Повербанк рабочий спасибо вам

Захар Скребель 42 minutes ago
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How it works?

№1. How it works?

There are many boxes on the website. Open the box and your item will be delivered to you.

In case you don’t like the dropped item, you can sell it back to the website. You will immediately get your money back on your balance and you can continue open other boxes.

№2. How to open the box and get the item?

1. Register on the website

2. Top up your balance on the required amount to open the box

3. Go to the box page and press the button “Open The Box”

4. You will be automatically charged on the amount of the box you oppened .

5. Wait until the wheel with goods will stop on dropped out item

6. Go to your account to order delivery or sell the item back to the website

№3. Can I sell unwanted item back to the website?

Yes. If you don’t like the item or you already have one, you can sell the item back to the store, by pressing the “Sell” button in the “Purchase History” section in your profile page. After you sale the product, the money will be refunded to your balance on the website and you can continue to open the boxes.

№4. How to top up the balance?

Register on the website or sign in to your personal account, then press the button “Top Up” at the top-right corner of the page. Choose a convenient payment method and confirm the payment. The funds will be available on your balance within 5 minutes.

№5. How to order the delivery of the goods?

Go to your profile and enter the delivery address. Then go to the “Purchases” section, select the desired item and press the "Order Delivery" button. Please note that delivery is carried out by post to the nearest post office. The delivery cost is - 100 рублей.

№6. How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is - 100 рублей. The required amount and fee is then deducted from your account balance.

№7. How to track a parcel?

After the item is being shipped, you will see the tracking number in your “Purchase History” section. Here you can track your parcel and check shipment delivery status at any time.

№8. Which countries do we ship to?

We deliver worldwide.